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"."Having a safe place to call home. Being part of a community. These are foundations of living a rich, full, independent life.

We know people have different preferences, wants, likes and needs in deciding where to live. Consistent with our mission, KenCCID believes in freedom of choice. We offer a variety of living arrangements from apartments to small homes.  Our options include 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes and apartments.  Most people have 1-2 roommates who share their living spaces and enjoy their own bedrooms.  Others may be offered Semi-Independent Living and may live on their own, but with the amount of support they desire according to their needs.

We have a range of service options to promote independence and enhance a person’s daily life.  Our services include a Nursing Department, with nurses providing daily oversight and training regarding varied medical needs. We have 24-hour on-call coverage for any emergencies that may arise. We have a Maintenance Department which responds to repair and upgrade assignments in an efficient and timely manner, including 24-hour emergency response.  Additionally, each home has a security system directly linked to local police and fire departments.

KenCCID has been providing housing services in Philadelphia for over 40 years. Our homes are conveniently located to provide many opportunities for cultural and social activities. They’re close to shopping, sporting events, theaters, museums, and easily accessible to all major Philadelphia attractions. Each home has an assigned vehicle to provide transportation for its residents.

We currently operate 34 homes. Each home is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our well-trained and caring professionals. We ensure the rights, safety, and well-being of individuals are protected and observed at all times.

Some of our staff have been with us for as long as 38 years, and we have individuals who have been living with us for over 40 years — they have truly become “Our Family.”

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