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"."Many of the people we support choose to work.  KenCCID works with numerous employers in the Philadelphia area. We provide Community Integration Employment Services, which include; Individualized Work Assessments, On and Off-Site Job Search Assistance, Job Coaches, and Job Development.

An Individualized Work Assessment explores what a person likes to do, what they are good at doing, and what they want to do. Together with the help of staff, they will create a plan to move in the direction of obtaining employment in the areas identified.

Job Search Assistance can be done on-site, using computers to research prospective employment information and to apply to positions. Job searches can also be done off-site, with staff who support individuals who would like to find a position by going into the community.

Job Coaches are trained to assist people who have obtained jobs. Coaches identify workplace supports and facilitate the right type and intensity of support to help someone become successful. The goal is always to achieve independence, but the individual determines the timeline based on their needs.

Our Job Developer works diligently with people who are new to our program. They identify prospective employers and form partnerships with community businesses. For people who would rather not “work,” the Job Developer can identify different volunteer opportunities.

The options are plentiful!! Many of those we support have been working in their positions for years; Bobby has been with his employer for over 29 years.

Our team is here to support you in finding a position that will enhance your day to day life.
It is OUR HOPE that YOU will become the newest member of our KenCCID FAMILY!!


People at KenCCID are employed by:


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