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KenCCID Advisory Board

Monthly Advisory Board meetings are open to all Individuals served by KenCCID. These meetings are a safe place for people to discuss things that matter to them. This forum empowers Individuals take an active role in creating the life they want to live.

Advisory Board’s Mission Statement

To come together as a whole to ensure that our wants and needs are clearly expressed and that the quality support that we receive enable us to reach our full potential in all aspects of our individuals’ lives.

Remember to Always Follow Your Dreams…

Why it was formed

KenCCID’s Advisory Board was formed in 2003 at a time when the State of Pennsylvania through its Counties was calling for measurable processes around Quality Management Plans. KenCCID took the initiative to bring together all Individuals residing under the auspice of KenCCID to come together as a group and involve them in discussions about their issues, their concerns, their needs, their wants and their likes. The forum is to provide the freedom and comfort to express freely and openly any topics of the Individuals’ choice; to include what they don’t like or what they like about their homes, their staff and services they receive through KenCCID or other providers.

To assure total ownership, the Advisory Board members elect officers who hold the office for one year. Over the years, the members of the Advisory Board have selected which staff they invite to assist during their meetings. The primary function of the staff facilitator is to relay all the pertinent information discussed during the Advisory Board meeting to the Executive Director. The staff facilitator completes the required follow-up and reports back at the next Advisory Board meeting.

KenCCID core mission is to inspire and empower Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to reach their full potential. Hence the Individual’s Advisory Board has an open invitation to the Board of Directors meeting.

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