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Having a safe place to call home. Being part of a community. These are foundations of living a rich, full, independent life.

We know people have different preferences, wants, likes and needs in deciding where to live. Consistent with our mission, KenCCID believes in freedom of choice. We offer a variety of living arrangements from apartments to small homes.
Learn more about our Housing Services.


Many of the people we support choose to work.  KenCCID works with numerous employers in the Philadelphia area. We provide Community Integration Employment Services, which include; Individualized Work Assessments, On and Off-Site Job Search Assistance, Job Coaches, and Job Development. Learn more about our Employment Services.

Advisory Board

Monthly Advisory Board meetings are open to all Individuals served by KenCCID. These meetings are a safe place for people to discuss things that matter to them. This forum empowers Individuals take an active role in creating the life they want to live. More about our Advisory Board

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