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Stakeholders are essential to KenCCID. People, groups and organizations play an important role in helping us fulfill our mission.

Our individuals are our primary stakeholders. The people who come to KenCCID for services and supports are at the forefront of everything we do.

The families of the people we support are also important to us.  We involve families and make them feel welcome to be a part of their family member’s life at KenCCID.

Our funders contract with us to deliver services. Among them are: Philadelphia DBH/IDS, Philadelphia Community Behavioral Health (CBH), Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services’ Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).  This group also includes a variety of private organizations and private citizens.

Our community is vital in improving the quality of life for so many of our individuals.

Our employees maintain an environment that contributes to our primary stakeholders’ growth and self-esteem.  KenCCID employees continuously give of themselves to provide excellent services and supports. Many of them have been with the agency for over 10 years. They have created the family environment we are known for.


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