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KenCCID strives to promote dignity and choice to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (our “Individuals”) to reach their full potential.


KenCCID promotes the rights, safety and well-being of our Individuals with an aim to respect and protect them at all times; utilizing trained professional staff and community resources to enrich and enhance our Individuals’ quality of life.


Each letter in the acronym “I CARE” represents a key value which KenCCID stands for. These values (set forth below) guide our approach to everything we do.

I Care = Impact, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Empowerment

We are here to have a positive effect on the lives of our Individuals. We strive to identify, understand and accommodate the unique needs of each of our Individuals in order that we may achieve the greatest results on the quality of each Individual’s life.

We are drawn to our Mission with a genuine desire to help others. This includes our Individuals, their families and our co-workers. We listen with an open mind. We are patient. We take time to see things from another’s point of view and determine how we can take action to help them.

We are responsible for promoting the highest possible quality of care to our Individuals. For each person in our care we act as facilitator, supporter, advocate and positive role model.

We respect the rights of all others. We seek to recognize the feelings, wishes, and traditions of each of our Individuals and our co-workers.

We empower our Individuals to live self-directed lives. We help them become stronger and more confident, and encourage them to make informed and safe choices about how they live.

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