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Ruth FrankRuth Frank

Wife, Parent, Founder, Advocate, Board Member

Mrs. Ruth Frank is one of KenCCID’s cherished board members. She is a founder and one of the original signers of KenCCID’s Charter of 1974. She, along with her recently departed husband of 65 years, have been board members since KenCCID’s inception. Her son, Mr. Steven Frank was one of the first occupants of KenCCID’s community homes and received services until his passing in 2011. Mrs. Frank has served as KenCCID’s board president and vice president; always displaying professionalism and upholding her stance as the voice of reason in all areas, including Family and individual supports.

This amazing woman not only still serves on KenCCID’s board, but also served on the initial boards of COMHAR and of Kensington Management Services (KMS), a staffing agency that is affiliated with Comhar; she has served on the board of Developmental Disability Committee, and on the board of the Consensus Panel; a testament to her devout passion for community services and the well-being of others. Within the KenCCID organization, many of the staff and Individuals know and recognize Mrs. Frank, as they have built relationships with her over the years. She is a strong advocate of the Everyday Lives Philosophy, Individual Rights, Family Involvement and Community Involvement. Her determination in improving the lives of others is unfaltering.

Mrs. Frank possesses a strong business acumen strengthened by her years of growing and managing a family store in the Kensington area. Her youthful energy is attributed to her love of dance and exercise. Mrs. Frank’s strength, courage, passion and wisdom, is and will always be, a source of inspiration and motivation to all who are fortunate to know and love her.

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Current Board Members

Our Board includes a cross section of Community and Family Members who support KenCCID’s Mission and Vision.

Lisa A. Hanssen, Esq. President
William Rosenberg Treasurer
Joan Hecht
Marcia L. Weinberg
SuayMira Tasci

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