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Out And About With KenCCID

Out and About with KenCCID

One of KenCCID’s values is “Empowerment”. We strive to empower our Individuals to live self-directed lives. One of the ways we put this value into action is to encourage the people we serve to make choices about how they want to spend their time socializing and having fun. We’re lucky to be based in Philadelphia with so many things to do in the area!

Each of our homes has an assigned vehicle to provide transportation for its residents. We arrange outings based on the personal likes of  individuals. One of our residents has a great affection for animals and the staff arranged a trip for Joseph to visit the Philadelphia ZooSara L went out to catch a movie after seeing an advertisement and mentioning she thought it looked good.  Joe K  hopped on a luxury bus to Atlantic City to rock out with an Elvis impersonator.

Fun can also be found really close to home. Friends Sally and Dorothy enjoy spending time at the Carousel House. There are so many activities going on there including music, arts and crafts, ceramics, games and a number of different clubs to join. Anna celebrated her birthday at Tiffany‘s Diner.

"."For some of our residents fun means traveling a bit further!  Robert R and Robert W take an annual beach trip each summer through Guided Tours. They have a blast exploring the different Jersey beaches and eating out at restaurants. Since they have been doing this each year, they’ve met a lot of people on this trip and always look forward to spending time with these old friends.

Dorothy headed up to Niagara Falls where she took in the gorgeous falls at night time with all the colorful lights.

For full stories and more photos of these outings, head over to the “Our Family” page.




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