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KenCCID Is Family

KenCCID is Family

My brother Bobby lived at home with my parents for most of his life.  Once my aging parents were ready to grasp the concept of community living KENCCID became the new family for Bobby.

Yes, Bobby’s new family became KENCCID since 1999, where he continues to maintain his quality of life and where he continues to preserve his individual dignity and respect.

Here at KENCCID he has been able to maintain his job of 28 years with TJ Maxx and attends APS. He continues to successfully integrate in his community by maintaining his residence in the Northeast for 17 years with the support of KENCCID and his Direct Care Professional staff.

Bobby and I know our parents Shirley and Sid have never looked back yet are still looking down knowing that it was the right choice to live at KENCCID and embrace KENCCID as his family.

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